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  As a patron you have my  eternal gratitude forever. And:

  • Monthly Field Notes: writings of notes, thoughts,  reflections, and encouragement to rest, including: words I am loving, writing prompts, updates on the current art creations, chronic illness and life updates, links to any writing I might have published, ways I’m  staying curious.
  • Print mailed to you when art series  "Bed. Rest." is  complete
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Thank you for fueling me with my favorite sustenance

Come join me for

  • Monthly Field Notes: writings of notes,  thoughts, reflections, and encouragement in resting, including: words I am loving, writing prompts, updates on  the current art creations, chronic illness and life updates, links to any  writing I might have published, ways I’m staying curious. 
  • Print Mailed to you when art series "Bed. Rest." is complete
  • Opportunities  to see photos and post its from behind the scenes of my creating, because  some of my best moments of inspiration and furious note taking happen in those first few sips of my favorite coffee.
  • Opportunities all year to connect, collaborate and participate in art projects (send me your mending!)
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Because in creating art and books we sometimes need to connect, to show up and come undone together, to unlearn and build new.

Supporting me at this level provides the resources needed to show up and connect in my work and creating (gas to get places, internet and videos and phones that do amazing things, paper for love letters, time to really listen.)

  • monthly live video chats where we connect and talk about our art  and creating and you can ask me anything and we remember together what it is to not be so alone in this being human thing.
  • Monthly video calls are on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:30pm EST.
  • Plus all previous rewards




I am a queer disabled artist and author.
I make things from a broken body and mind that makes shapes in unexpected places and is forever mending. I value the necessity of slowness and the radical detours and dead ends my lived experience and body’s collapse came to require. I am entirely done with ideas that say we must forever prove our human worth. The creating that comes from this place is different; and it is humanizing.

I also house and honor spaces of human and creative sanctuary and facilitate online writing sanctuaries, fiercely devoted to the shouts of shattered lives and deeply trusting of our own innate instinct. I am not here for transcendence. I’m here to stay slow and low to the honesty of things, human and unrepentant and real.

I am here for the stories we are socially and culturally told we are not allowed to speak or know or claim as our own belonging, and the transgressive act of centering such narratives in both discourse and art.

I write the corporeal, the secular and profane of this human experience being embodied. I write about medical anthropology and the wandering womb, living with chronic illness and disability, secular humanism and recovering from religious abuse, a novel I refuse to speak aloud, and secular prayers of encouragement for staying human. I write about what the living do, my own wrestling with that which oppresses and destroy life, all the ways there are of falling in love with humans, and sometimes I write about violence and sometimes I write about lilacs.

I write a lot over on  facebook ,  and other online and in print publications, and I am the author of  salt + honey: secular prayers for the human and hedonstic hearts.

I also make visual and performance art of cartography, medical x-rays, and large wearable wings composed of feathers and ripped pages and lost and found discarded things. I am going to be embarking upon three longer term art creations this coming year, with the support and involving you, which are shared in greater detail below.

I am an artist because art matters more to me than all the other things. It is language and the one where my body lives most free, where all the parts and pieces find a place and the right shit gets disturbed and things get uncomfortable in ways that make you unable to leave the same person. Where image and ideas and memory and my loss of memory and threads of things come into chaos and cohesion. I also just like the doing of it. Making things. The way it is a kind of paying attention.

Given the chronic illness I live with, I do most of my writing and creating from bed. I used to fight this and cry about this. Sometimes I still do. Most days, I make coffee, get back into bed, and begin. Accessibility in the arts is a conversation I am here for. And I will need to have it from the white sheets where I sit typing this. Because we are here, and we have so much to offer, and I love us.

You can read more of my writing, and learn more about my art and sanctuary for the human at


How This Works

To be supported in my creating and the work I do in the world is to be given the time and space needed to be in the quiet of creation and the mad love of the language born into being. Because this is what it takes: time and resources.

Here is the thing.
I live with disability and chronic illness and pain. And so much of this world denies the reality of my lived experience, a culture that has space for those who become sick but not those who do not get well. And it is also my life and my only life and so I’m here to live it, to stay.
These human experiences have taught me what it to move more slowly in the world.
They have taught me what it is to deeply listen.
To pay attention.
To know the nuance and mosaic contexts of consent.
To locate the name of compassion and believe myself and others.
To no longer located value and worth in production and consumption.
It has taught me that limits are real.
I no longer pretend I can do everything or push through or rise above. That is not true.
So I stay here fully in reality.

Patreon is part of this. Us coming together, to create something different where there is no longer the myth of the lone hero rising above all obstacles through their own effort and merit. Us coming together to say we need one another, and you believe in art and service and sanctuary and what wants to be born from this space and place and time and are here to support that in coming to be.

So this is how it works.

Patreon allows you to automatically support my work and creating with a contribution amount you choose - $2 or more. You don't have to remember to redo it every month or go searching for Paypal links. There is no complicated overhead and as a patron you get to be here in this community and receive access to all the cool stuff that happens in the making and creation itself.

By being a patron of the art, of a patron of yours truly, you directly support my art and resistance and allow me the time and space and resources needed to continue in the creation of art and radicalizing rest. I will not promise you certain outcomes as if my work here in the world is to be a producer of things to consume and discard. But I can and do promise that my work is to be faithful to the art itself and to the process of creating and unapologetic writing. I am here to show up fully, to be in the making of things and the mending of things, with all of me.

There was a time when I thought I could do everything. That if I just worked hard enough or long enough or continued to push through every limitation and no my body screamed at me, that I would be able to do all the things. That is no longer true for me. I have come to live and love, to accept and even embrace, that I am corporeal and temporal and finite. This gives meaning and spaciousness and pressing reality to my days. I know now that I cannot do everything, and so to write and create requires sustainable support.

I am here to create art and writing. Art about my own loss and grief in illness. About my own wisdom and knowing in illness. About my worthiness and capacity. And I am here to offer encouragement and field notes from bed to support to support you in your own creating, moments of sanctuary together.

This is why I am here.
My gratitude is oceans deep.
Thank you.
Your support is what allows me to continue my work and my service and my art and offer it to you and to the world, through creative heat and sustainability, which is a kind of completeness.

In love and defiance,

Art and Making that is Happening
(with your support, participation, and love)
  • side effects: a gathering of list poetry
    • A small limited-edition hand printed book of poems of lists exploring themes of illness, the body, pressures to heal, care, ways of slowness, and relinquishing “the cure.”
    • Collaborate with me: options to send me ideas for list poem titles
    • Sneak Peek Preview of some of the poems before side effects is printed
    • Secular Communion, Wings of Desire, Hero to Introverts, Wings of Desire, and Into the Magical Wardrobe patrons receive their very own limited-edition printed copy.

    Bed. Rest. - art from bed, about bed: an interactive project.
    • Exploring what we create, where we create and how we create; illness, limitations and accessibility; rest as option versus required and who gets to decide the definition.
    • Disrupting ideas of where disabled folx belong, where women belong, where femmes belong, where the sick belong, where queers belong.
    • Can creating itself be rest?
    • Patrons invited to participate in recorded video interviews and the gathering of bed decor.
    • Prints sent to all patrons when project is complete.

    The Broken Mending: creating with care
    • I will be working on this art project for the entirety of the year, culminating in the fall and into December.
    • Throughout the year I invite patrons to send me things they want and need mended. I will mend them with care and return them to you, documenting the experience.
    • Disturbing ideas of fixing and delighting in tasks of the never-ending nature of mending, bringing together textiles, writing, medical anthropology, and care.

76 of 77 patrons
When I reach this goal I'm throwing a big virtual art salon party where we can all gather and share our poetry and paintings and sip cocktails and coffee and introverts are welcome to come too and not say anything and we can be human in ways weird and wonderful.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 88 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 88 exclusive posts

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