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About Isecai

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Hi, there~

I'm isecai: a reader, translator, author, and blogger of Japanese-style novels. As an omnomvorous reader, I read and get interested in pretty much any genre.

In real life, I work odd jobs as freelancer and I assist my mom with her NGO management. I really, really want to keep translating, but it won't be possible for a long term if it's not sustainable. Hence this Patreon. 

Thank you for visiting this Patreon page and thank you so, so, so much if you're considering to support me through Patreon. This isn't something that you have to do; I'll keep doing what I love and keep sharing them with you for free as long as I can! (Cough except for my own R18 fictions cough)  

But if you decide to support me anyway, please know that I am immensely grateful for your gesture. Thank you! 

Weekly Schedule

I will keep translating every day unless I'm in a slump. I can translate up to 4 chapters a day, but my average is a chapter a day due to irl activities. 

You can follow me on Twitter to see what's up. Or, you can check out my translation schedule in Trello. If you want to read a specific chapter or series in English, you can commission me instead. If you just want to do a random act of kindness, please consider to buy me some coffees~

Visit the website:


I own the texts and artworks that I produce for my original works. 

For my translation projects as well as the artworks and photos that I put as references, the rights belong to the original authors, artists, bloggers, photographers, and publishers of those works. I give credits and link back to the original publication whenever possible.

I open a translation service and endorse the service for the titles I'm specifically interested in. However, I'm only providing the service and will abide any agreements between me and the commissioners about the hosting.*

If any of the right holders requests the translation to stop, I will cease the project immediately. Any commissioned project of this nature will be refunded as soon as possible.*

If you are licensing any of my projects to English, let me know and I will cease the project immediately as well as take down any online chapters. However, I'm only responsible for the texts that I personally host. 

There will be no commercially published works behind my Patreon paywall, which means that if in the future I provide advanced chapters for a series, I will stop doing so once the series becomes commercially published. All the remaining advanced chapters will be released, while all patrons will be notified to request for the refunds.

* Please read more about my commission service here
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