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Classically trained in Computer Science and Art, my life has veered off the corporate America path as I seek to express the wholeness of my creativity to bring true value to the world. I have always considered myself a renaissance man and always find myself learning and trying new things. So you never know what avenue I might explore from one week to the next but the most consistent topics in my life have and always will be: metaphysical/spiritual/paranormal topics, human potential, business, science, creativity, inventions, games, cryptocurrency, art and more.

I strive to unlock the hidden potential in mankind and make things that bring joy and improved the quality of life. I have decided to take a more radical approach to my work and rather then hide everything I do behind pay walls, I am experimenting with making them free and seeing who values my work enough to contribute even a single dollar to the projects via patreon. As a reward for supporting my efforts, You the patron, will have access to some of my work not meant to be available to the general public, the ability to guide my focus and direct me towards the ideas or features, products or information you consider relevant.

Jump on discord and get a special member status and tell me what in my body of work has made an impact on your life so much so that you have decided to support me. Then as more people share their stories, I can better see how and where to shine my light into the dark world. Your input will help be determine which projects should be continued, should be abandoned, should be focused on, or should be turned into something greater (a company or a cause). With enough support from my Patrons I look to hire on people to help further my vision and develop the projects you stand behind and get more projects done faster.

Come and join my adventure you may learn something new.

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Past, Present, and Future Creations:

Topic: Magic The Gathering
  • -- A brand and grouping of products related to Magic the Gathering
  • -- An application to track your Magic collection and Set Building
  • (Future) -- Curated Amazon store of MTG and card collecting products to make it easier to find what you want.
  • (Future) -- Online tool to build and optimize Magic The Gathering Decks.

Topic: Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Philosophical
  • -- Online brand and listing of the Metaphysical related projects
  • -- Online blog and journal focused on Metaphysical/Philosophical/Spiritual topics. 
  • (Future)-- Online application to record and interpret your dreams.
  • (Future) -- Online Application to store your desired Remote Viewing Targets, then get assigned one randomly without knowing which one, or share it to the community and see what they come up with.
  • (Future) -- Track spells and Magick binding associated to items
  • (Future) -- Free Online Courses to Help develop your metaphysical skills: Energy Healing, Intuition, Remote Viewing, etc.

Topic: Business & Finance
  • -- Online blog talking about the ins and outs of the bulk candy vending business
  • Candypreneur (ebook) -- An ebook showing how to start, run, and grow a bulk candy vending business
  • Local Business Review Wordpress plugin (In Development) -- Plugin to help local businesses get online reviews and testimonials from their Customers

Video Games

Topic: Prepping

Topic: Health
  • Diabetic Journal (shutdown**) -- Online Application to track and manage your diabetes

Topic: Firearms
  • Carry Lookup (shutdown**) -- Application to search what stores or buildings restrict concealed carry. 
  • Local Gun List (shutdown**) --  An Application to allow people to post personal local firearms related ads and listing in their city

** If there is enough interest in a dead or shutdown project, I can always set it back up again and give patrons access to it for their use.

More Projects to come....
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