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Dear friends and supporters.
We, a group of ex-Muslims, have been working tirelessly at for the past 11 years to enlighten the world about the real face of Islam. Currently we are focusing on producing video-based contents which have become a more effective and popular medium for spreading the truth about Islam, especially because Muslim countries have banned websites and blogs critical of Islam. They cannot ban Youtube, Facebook and other powerful video sharing sites.
Our first animation movie ‘Aisha and Muhammad’ has become a big success with ~450,000 views in all and rapidly growing. So, we want to produce 3 more parts to complete the whole story of little Aisha’s sufferings and abuses at the house of Prophet Muhammad. Once completed, this movie will be a powerful tool for showcasing the real face of Muhammad, his treatment of women and a rough overview of the true face of Islam as a whole. We are aiming to release the second part of the movie in 5-6 months.
But producing animation movies requires lots of money for paying the voice-givers, technicians and artists. Your generous financial pledges can help us complete this movie and probably a lot more. Humankind’s struggle against the Islamic scourge is going to last generations. With your help, we can contribute a lot more to this struggle in addition to what we have already contributed over the past 11 years at great personal sacrifices.
We are therefore urging you to make a pledge of monthly contributions, whether $2, $20, $50, or more – they will go a long way to help us make effective contributions in this mother of all battles of humanity.
Thank you very much.
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$0.63 of $1,000 per month
Your financial support will help us pay for our team of technicians and artists for continually producing high-impact movies and videos on Islam. Our next target is to complete the animation movie, Aisha and Muhammad, by producing 3 more episodes, each about ~40min long. When completed, the movie will show a complete picture of the abuses and struggles innocent little Aisha suffered at the house of Islam's founder.
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