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Welcome to my world!

The common ant's life is very hard, but these insects are not so regular. A radiation contaminated their dna, so they have become larger day by day. After all, their brain was developed, and they began to use weapons.

Green ants, plant like weapons, mad armed AI, Multiplayer/Co-op.

Register on the official site and download the game.

- The application have an automatic updater.
- You can play with friends or computer players (AI) or both.
- Buy weapon, helmet and other outfit for fight.
- Press 'T' key somewhere on the map to join or create battle room.
- If you need some cash go find quests in everywhere.
- Explore the maps but be aware, monsters waiting for you.

First steps:

Click on the banner and register.
Activate your account.
Log in on the webpage.
Download the latest version via 'Versions' menu.

Under development

  • Trade with NPC (Done)
  • Quests (Done)
  • AI characters (Done)
  • Potions (Done)
  • Own buildable house (Under modification)
  • Wearable suits (Done)
  • Craftable items (On the way)
  • Minigames (On the way)
  • Dungeons (Planned)
  • Guilds (Planned)
  • Own garden(Planned)
  • Events (Planned)

Map types

  • FFA (Available)
  • Team Death Match (Available)
  • Capture The Flag (Available)
  • King of the Hill (Available)
  • Bunker (Available)
  • Get a Food (Available)
  • Race (Planned)
  • Domination (Planned)
  • Assault (Planned)


  • Bean Gun - Like assault rifle
  • Raisin Gun - Like shotgun
  • Carrot Cannon - Like rocket launcher
  • Corn Gun - Like rifle
  • Pepper Gun - Like pistol
  • Ice Gun - Like assault rifle
  • Seed Gun - Minigun

Playable maps


  • Mouse (Look around - Aiming)
  • W,A,S,D (Movement)
  • Space (Jump)
  • E (Interact)
  • I (Inventory & Character)
  • K (Skills)
  • C (Characteristic)
  • T (Join or create battle room)
  • Enter (Open chat)
  • Escape (Leave map or game)

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