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About Sam

Heyyo I'm Sam! I'm a freelance artist/illustrator chillin in the Midwest. I play a lot of D&D and love designing oc's just to make them kiss~<3 

I'm currently working on the webcomic ANIMALHEADS (Tapas//Webtoons), with my good pal Son! (Exclusive early updates here on Mondays!)

Your Support allows me the time to work on webcomics and original stuff as well as buff up my portfolio! The goal is to hit a sustainable income to continue to create new and exciting content for everyone <3

Thankyou so much for the support!
(Tier icons by Blake

15% complete
My first goal is to be able to pay rent and bills!! If this goal is met I'll be able to do 4 page updates of ANIMALHEADS every week!
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