Is This a Brie?

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About Is This a Brie?


Join Anne-Marie Pietersma and Christine Clark in their quest to elevate the cheesy experiences of their food-loving peers (you!). “Is This a Brie” informs and entertains the cheese lovers of the world, elevating their cheese-eating and cheese-buying experience.

We bring cheese classes to your couch, car, and commute from two professional cheese educators who would like to help you understand your cheese better.

About Us:
Christine is a Vermont-based writer, educator, and Certified Cheese Professional through the American Cheese Society. She fell into cheese because she realized that learning about cheese meant learning about history, geography, science, anthropology, biology, and more. She writes about cheese and teaches classes in Vermont, New York, and California. She has her library card number memorized and owns 35 jars of honey (whoops).

Anne-Marie is a Brooklyn-based actress, writer, and comedian who grew up in the California dairy industry, and teaches New Yorkers about cheese. She owns and runs The Cheese Basement, a private cheese class space, and her one-woman show "Mild to Wild" is an exploration of relationships through the lens of cheese pairings. You can catch her watching British television in her bed, or at any given New York donut shop wondering if there is an audience for Spaceballs: The Musical, beyond herself.