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What is it that you want the most? What if you could summon a creature to give it to you? What if there was website that told you how to do it? What if the devil you summoned… never left? And what if she’s a person with her own life, and you just ruined it?

Is This What You Wanted
is a comic by Ananth Hirsh, Tessa Stone, and Sarah Stone. It chronicles the story of Azalea, a demon pulled from her world to serve humans in theirs.

Ananth & Tessa have worked together previously on BUZZ!, a graphic novel from Oni Press. Is This What You Wanted is a project that they love doing, but they do it in addition to their regular projects and that's a lot of work! That's where you come in! You can support us by pledging to donate monthly! This helps us focus on comics and keeps us posting updates in a timely manner. 

So what do you get by supporting us? You can check the rewards column on the right, but in summary: At $2, you get access to a dev blog, at $5 you get to see some of our production documents like thumbnails and scripts, and at $10 you get access to a monthly patreon stream! 

Thanks so much for your support!
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