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Welcome to the Istorio Tip Jar. 

Istorio is an online free display space for philatelists. It allows you to share your enthusiasm and stories with people around the world. This means if you miss a meeting, it gives you the chance to catch up. Istorio allows societies and groups to share their knowledge with an international and younger audience.

What are the benefits of joining Istorio?

Free of charge.

Present your stamps as you would in a meeting or competition.

Store your collections digitally to easily move content between displays.

Followers and fellow community members can comment and give feedback.

What does Istorio offer societies?

Create a society or study group and add all of your members in to an easy to use collaborative space.

Post frames on the society homepage, manage and display your members collections.

Collaborate internationally to improve your membership.

Organise events through the society page.

Post on a discussion board between meetings.

Attract new, younger and technology savvy members.

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