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is creating a homebrew setting for tabletop RPGs, maps, and other 5e content

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About Istva Legends

Welcome, wanderer!

Tired of the same old TTRPG settings? You know the ones: a dozen planes, gods are all people care about, and magic is everywhere. Then take a moment to discover Istva.

Unlike most tabletop roleplaying game settings, Istva doesn't have a multi-planar system. Instead there is simply a Physical World and a Spirit World (an extreme reflection of the Physical World). Think of it like Avatar the Last Airbender or Spirited Away. All of the magic in the universe is housed in the Spirit World (or held by the gods themselves). As such the Physical World is more “low fantasy” (think Middle Earth): magic is rare, and many rural folk probably have never seen it in person.

As for as content goes, I create maps, unique magic items (typically for 5e), short stories, and setting guides. All of which fit into Istva and its lore. Most of the content created for Istva ends up here on Patreon, however public documents typically end up on the Istva Legends website as well. 

In addition to creating Istva, I run a minecraft server for the community! Details for how to join can be found on the community Discord

Unfortunately though, these things take time and money; the latter of which I could use some assistance with. So, if you're interested in cool items for your D&D game, a unique setting, or awesome maps please consider showing some support.
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No one likes playing games with lag. So, the first major goal is to beef up the Minecraft server and move it from a VPS to a Dedicated Server. More RAM! Better CPU! Less Lag!
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