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Hello movie fans, 

Each week I and my trusty cohort Gentleman Joe sit down to discuss a film we haven't seen in a very long time. We then press pause, go watch the movie, and return to reveal how both our memories and the celluloid creations have fared over the years.

It's not so much a film critique, more of a ramble through our addled and easily distracted minds. 

We've created this Patreon page so that fans of the show can help us keep the server lights on at ISTYA towers, and help us acquire more forgotten classics that we'd love to revisit. Or you can just simply throw us a couple of pounds each month while screaming 'dance for us monkey boys!' 

We'd also love to be able to create extra content if we can reach enough support. So that's either an incentive for our fans, or a great way to put people off. Only the future will part these mists of uncertainty. 

So please feel free (or indeed guilt-tripped) to support us intrepid histograviewers in our quest through the dusty movie vaults of yesteryear. It's a tough road which we walk, so you won't have to. 

Thanks in advance, 

- Martyn Darkly & Gentleman Joe

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When we reach $500 per month we'll create additional shows which could see Martyn and Joe discussing their favourite films, TV shows, and amusing words.
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