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If you love ITCQ and want to support the creation of continuing content, chip in, it’s not a requirement and you are not obliged to contribute; however, we extremely appreciate all the love and support we get!

So, if you believe there is value in the content we make, please consider contributing. Every little bit counts!

  • Includes access to a Patreon Exclusive Discord Channel.

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Unlock exclusive content and join my community of patrons. 
In this tier Receive:
  • Early Access to Raw Videos:  I will upload unedited(raw) videos that I have recorded but have not edited yet.  This means you get exclusive access to new content before it's released along with any bloopers that may come from this.
  • Behind the Scenes:  See what goes on behind the scenes.  Hear from me in personal vlogs and posts.
  • Submit Video Suggestions:  You get high priority on any videos you want featured a long with a shout out in the video.  Use this as an opportunity for me to plug your LinkedIn to make more connections!
Help Desk
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Welcome Sys Admins!  Let's get started!  I'm so excited to have you here!
Ten dollars per month gets you:
  • All Previous Rewards: Get access to rewards from previous tiers.
  • Video Shout Outs: You will get a special shout out to you in a video once per month and during YouTube live streams.
  • Discord: Access to even more Patreon Exclusive Discord Channels.
  • Monthly Study Group: Included is access to a monthly study group for the CompTIA A+ Certification.

    The study session will be live streamed, and any members of this tier will be able to ask questions in real time. You will be able to study along with Zach, and will receive some study materials leading up to the session!




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How Can Patreon Help Us?

Hello everyone and thank you for stopping by! I am very excited to use this platform so that I can help each one of you all on a much larger level and use this as a more direct way of saying THANK YOU to YOU personally. Patreon is a place that will help support me which in return helps support you by offering a lot more to you than just I.T. Career Questions.

The purpose of having a Patreon is to better serve the community of I.T. Career Questions and bring us all together.

Becoming a Patron can give you access to(depending on the tier you choose)
  • direct one-on-one discussions
  • early access to courses currently in development
  • behind the scenes and raw video previews of videos before they’re edited and published on YouTube
  • Premium Discord Access
  • And so much more!

I love creating YouTube videos and answering your questions. I truly feel as though my life's purpose is to help people. Just as you all need help with getting into I.T. or learning more about the technologies I am looking for you assistance to help create more in depth videos, better quality content, and gathering the information you seek. Please consider supporting my work with a dollar each month so that we can continue this path of learning..

How this Works

Choose a tier that works for you and your support level.

Sit back and enjoy the rewards!

Please be sure to read each tier to decide which plan might be best for you.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to me and ask!

Where Does Your Money Go?

All support that we get from my Patrons goes right back into creating more content.

Not only do some of the videos that I create take a long time just to make, they sometimes take just as long to edit/produce, export, and upload.
I am currently looking to hire a full-time editor for my videos so that I can produce more content.

Additional funds go into any equipment, hardware, computer peripherals, audio/video needs that are required to maintain consistent video production. These replacements are not needed often but when they are required, they are not cheap.

I love the opportunity that I am given to help you. Your support is truly appreciated with all my heart. I have stated many times in many of my videos on YouTube that I love doing this and I love to help people. My biggest restraint in all of this is always time. I have a fiancé and 4 children, My time is definitely very limited and I am often up very late at night getting videos recorded, edited, and uploaded so that I can help anyone out there who needs it. Even if you can't help supporting this if I have helped you in some way please at the very least send me an email and say thank you.
$11 of $100 per month
At $300 we will Hire an editor to produce more content.
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