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  • My gratitude!
  • Previews of WIP projects/various peeks behind-the-scenes. Includes explaining what I've been up to (in a technical sense) and what that means for the project in practice!
  • Input into WIP projects (where relevant); from time to time I'll ask about potential feature ideas/what you would like to see for such-and-such a project.




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About Mercury

Hi! Call me Ad or Mercury. I'm a web developer and (mostly hobbyist) artist with a particular interest in creature design and a perpetual interest in birds.

I do web development, working with Laravel in particular. As of late I've been busy extending the ARPG website framework Lorekeeper! You can check out my existing projects relating to it on my github or on the extension wiki.

As policy, I make my extensions open-source/freely available once completed if at all possible, meaning that you don't strictly need to pledge for them; however, developing new features, especially large and/or complex ones, takes a large time and effort investment!
So by supporting me, you enable my putting more time into working on these projects-- which means they get done faster! You also get cool peeks behind-the-scenes and, depending on the project in question, some input into the specifics!

Find me at:
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 40 exclusive posts

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