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About It Makes A Sound

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It Makes A Sound is a show about transcending solitude and loss with a jolt of whimsy and faith. A show that celebrates the restorative magic of music.
Something good for the ears right now.

If you #rememberwimfaros, and you want to hear what happens next in Rosemary Hills, well listeners, let’s make the music reverberate across the hilltops.

Our first Patreon campaign was created after the release of season 1, to fund the It Makes A Sound original soundtrack album, “Wim Faros: the Attic Tape,” a first in its kind in fiction podcasting. With the success of that campaign, we went from no budget at all to a fully-produced record in a swift eight months, an album that in its first week charted on iTunes and Amazon solely through the word-of-mouth promotion by fans like you. As Cody Elwood would say, that’s major drum rolls.

Well, now this Patreon campaign has shed its peacock feathers and is taking flight as something new.

We are producing and financing the second season independently. We want to get new episodes to you as quickly as possible, and we’re counting on you to join us in the spirit of collective creation to keep the story going, and to reach new audiences as we expand the world of the show.

Will you be part of the musical anthology and musical mythology, and help awaken the memory of Wim Faros?

As a patron, you get street cred as one of Wim Faros’s earliest fans and benefactors. Does that make you more special? Yes. You have taste, you’ve got your finger on the pulse, and you know a cult sensation when you hear one. And because you rock and roll that way, as a patron you will get front row seats to the show. True Farosites get insider access to our creative process for season 2, access to all the previous content of the album campaign, plus looks behind-the-scenes, bonus episodes and music samples, and specialized treats from the world of Rosemary Hills. Oh, and an actual live peacock is involved. I mean that. Sign up, see what I’m talking about.

There is a lot of commotion and emotion ahead on the golf course. Come join us there at

With you-
Wim Faros lives.


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