Dan Bull is creating weekly videos

$1 /creation
  • You'll be able to see my secret rap video for patrons only.
  • Access to my patron only stream. You'll see exclusive updates and keep in touch with what I'm up to.

$2 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • I'll send you the highest quality .wav or MP3s of the music that's featured in the video. You never need to buy an MP3 again.

$3 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • I'll let you in on what tracks I'm working on way before I announce them to the public

$5 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • A free download link to my entire back catalogue of albums

$10 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • Access to my private Minecraft server which I've been playing on with my friends for several years

$25 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • I will write you a rhyming couplet on any topic of your choosing

$50 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • I will record you a personal voicemail message or shoutout for your YouTube channel

$100 /creation
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  • I will dedicate one of my music videos exclusively to YOU in the description and credits

$9,001 /creation
  • All the above plus:
  • Seriously? For over 9,000 dollars, I will tattoo your name onto a buttock of your choosing. Left or right. (12 months patronage minimum, and I reserve the right ...