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About Bruno's Explores Club

Welcome! We're Bruno and Papa (Oliver)  and we create YouTube videos of our travels.

You already know us through the videos and now through Patreon...we have the opportunity to get to know you and be part of your adventures, So we created the Explores Club.

The Explorers Club is a smaller community and because we know you, we're able to share more. 

We’ve created several tiers to become an Explorer. Take a look at the side bar on the right explaining each tier in detail and decide what’s right for you!


1) Your pledge ONLY applies to four (4) videos per month.
2) If you have a spouse or significant other, add their name to the first name field so we know!
3) And if you're new to Patreon, you need to create an account first and pledge second. It might seem like one step, but we've heard that doesn't work.
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We will hold a special Explorers ONLY event in a secret location.  
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