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About Vichet

Friends, readers, enemies who will patronize me out of spite rather than support (which I encourage).

This is my Patreon page to support my writing habit (and specifically not my dancing habit).

I'm a writer mostly of comedic fantasy, in a sub-genre I call "mundane-core."

Imagine if the characters in the Office lived in Middle Earth and had to worry about rent and groceries as much as they did the next were-creature attack, and you'll get an idea of what I'm going for.

I'm writing fantasy for the gig economy generation.

The "ride sharing" of fantasy.
The "roommates until you're 35" of fantasy.
The "groceries or therapy" of fantasy.
The "I really want to quit my job but not starving is nice" of fantasy.

So help me out with my side gig writing about fantastical versions of side gigs.
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If I get 50 patrons, I will be able to hire a copy editor, cover page artist, and other overhead required to self-publish my novel, The First Rule of Adventuring.


Asmund Alefson is a professional adventurer with a magical sword who hates his job.

When he rescues the chronically kidnapped Princess Silga Goldenfield of the Golden Fields from a very aggressive goose, he accidentally inspires her to take charge of her own life and become an adventuress herself.

Fearing Silga's fearlessness, he agrees to teach her the ropes of the adventuring game before returning her home. After all, a dead princess means no reward.
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