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My name is Nero- I'm an adult comic creator who's been drawing gay erotica comics and illustrations for almost a decade. My primary output is comics, and those take a fair amount of work- support on Patreon allows me to keep creating while paying the bills!

My current comic projects include:

Split Check
(written by Iris Jay): Nickesh, a hard-assed high-end chef, and Jaime, a scruffy experimental chef, are forced to work together on a brand-new restaurant. While sparks may fly in the kitchen, they can't keep their hands off each other in the bedroom. Updates Tues/Thurs on, and Wed/Fri here on my patron-supported site.

Our Velocity: After a chance sexual encounter at a punk show, two queer men begin a rocky relationship while trying to thrive in rural America. Updates begin in the latter half of 2020- patrons see them first, with pages going public after 6 weeks.

The Poorcraft Cookbook: The third book in the Poorcraft series (helmed by C. Spike Trotman of Iron Circus Comics), the Poorcraft Cookbook explores the wild world of home cooking and eating well on less. This is a print comic being published by Iron Circus, but your support on Patreon helps its creation regardless!

Other comic projects include Golden Trick!, Salt & Pepper, Carnivore Planet, and countless other anthology pieces and short comics. (Peep them at my website!)

Joining my Patreon gives you access to a members-only feed that features sketches, works in progress, process writeups, and early releases of comics. Each month will also feature a subscriber-only PDF collection of everything posted (and more) dropped directly into your email inbox!

You can either subscribe here on Patreon, or through my shop: subscribing through my shop allows you to pick however long you would like to be a subscriber for (one month is $5, three months is $15, six months is $30, one year is $60) and to pay upfront. Subscribing through Patreon lets you pay on an on-going basis at $5, once a month, and to cancel at any time.

Regardless of payment method, once you’ve paid, you will be contacted and given a personal password for the duration of your subscription. Your monthly PDF content (and general activity roundup) will be delivered via email newsletter, but is also viewable in-browser.

(By subscribing to this Patreon, you are consenting to these email newsletters. If you would like to opt-out, please contact me.)

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 228 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 228 exclusive posts

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