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I did something you like?  Well, thank you!  Join here and you can have access to stuff I've done!  I'm very appreciative of everyone who helps me out!  :D

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Got something you want done?  A sketch, an anecdote, a story you'd like read to you, a game you want me to play?  Join this tier, and you can make your request!  (Within reason, e.g.: "hey can you draw my dude/play this game/read this story/write about this," yeah; "hey can you draw my army/play this hot new system-buster*/read Mein Kampf/write an epic," not so much.
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Hello everybody!
I'm retail monkey, perpetual-student, creative savant, and all-around-weirdo Dee Cee!
Perhaps you've seen my work around - I do a bit here and there already!  Thank you for coming my way and popping in to my Patreon!
What do I do here?  Well...

I've been doing art a long time!  (But odds are you already knew that, eh?)  By supporting me here, you'd also be supporting my art career!  As a wise man once said: "Make art.  Make rent.  Help others to do the same."

Join me as I venture into the world of voice-work!  I can talk, I can do voices (or start to, at least; a proper do will come after starting), and perhaps my favorite of all: READING!  I quite enjoy reading books out loud for others!  Join up, and I'll take requests!

I read books...but I also write books!  Or at least, certain text-works that have yet to see the light of day by the internet at large.  Supporting me means supporting a writer, and I'd love to share the things I do with you!

Boy, who doesn't these days?  My current set-up may not be optimal for straight-up streaming, but I can make videos with the best of them, with a particular penchant for older PC games.  Ever wonder what they played back before the year 2004?  I can show you some!  (And of course, I'm open to requests if there's something you really like.)

So yup; support me, and you support all of this!  And all for the low, low price of...well, whatever you think is good.  (Heck, just click the Follow button, if you're interested in seeing the stuff I'll be up to here.)

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