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is creating Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy
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About Vivian Valentine

I'm Vivian Valentine, and I'm excited to share my work with you! I'm one half of Myth & Legends Studios with my lovely wife, Frankie. I write primarily science fiction and fantasy featuring queer themes. As a trans woman, I'm a big believer in the value of own-voice work. If you are trans or gender non-conforming, I hope you see yourself in my writing; if you're not, I hope you see something new about our wide, wild world.

Every month, I'll release a new piece of short fiction to my backers. Each piece will be at least 1000 words, but probably more! I don't really have a set schedule yet, so mostly it'll be based on whatever inspiration I got this month. Maybe it'll be a new Lady Equinox story, maybe one of my Alice fairy tales, maybe something completely different! It's a mystery!

Fair warning, some of my stories may be kind of smutty. By which I mean extremely smutty. I promise to clearly mark which stories are lewd, if you don't like that sort of thing.

I'm also working on a young adult novel, BENEATH STRANGE LIGHTS, and I'll be providing updates through this site. I might even drop a preview or two as an extra! BENEATH STRANGE LIGHTS won't be smutty at all, but will feature girls kissing, so if you don't like that sort of thing you honestly aren't going to like anything I do. Sorry, not sorry.

Thank you for supporting me and my work!
Love, Vivi
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