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About ItzLienx

Hello everyone, my name is Chris Randell, or well Lienx! I am a..
Video Editor | VFX Artist | SFX Artist | Graphics Designer | Audio Editor | Director | Writer | Voice Actor and MUCH MORE for FruitBox Films!

I have been a writer and film maker for as long as I can remember and have many stories to tell. I use YouTube as a way to express my visions in either comedy, drama, action or what have you in different ways using real world tools and also video games!

I look forward to bringing my work to a visual format for all to enjoy and working with talented people new and experienced from all over the world to bring my stories to life!

I sometimes VLog my wacky adventures with friends, live stream video games, do let's plays of fun and interesting games I enjoy and am always on the look out to make a fun film series or machinima when I can!

As a story teller nothing means more to me than giving my audience different ways to experience my work, from reading to listening to even watching their favorite characters as they progress through the original created worlds pursuing their goals.

I do hope you enjoy my work and I hope to inspire others to do the same.

Some of the Series that are currently in development!
Your support on Patreon enables me to put more time into continuing to work on projects such as Scrolls of Auristria, Alone in the Dark, Tales from Netherland, Fruitopia, Cyber Chase, Lillian, Hear Me Now?, Bailey Bates, Those Who Remain and much more!

  • Scrolls of Auristria: Is a Minecraft Machinima based in the world of Auristria, following the different story arc's of 4 main characters as they unknowingly change the world around them as they seek different qualities of life. What happens when fate brings these different characters together to thwart evil?
  • Netherland: Netherland is a Live Action Apocalyptic web series that follows Terra as she seeks to avenge the death of her fiance and uncover answers about the evil corporation, NeoDyne that has now taken over the remaining humans left on the planet. It's either fight, or die by the NeoDyne or the increasingly infected zombie-like once human creatures that roam the darkness.
  • Alone in the Dark: Alone in the Dark is a Minecraft Machinima that follows the darkened ghost stories told by the camp counselor of Camp Nevermore. Are the stories made up? or real happenings of the past. No one knows, but they are equally eerie and spooky.
  • Fruitopia: Fruitopia is a Minecraft Let's Play that follows Lienx and friends as they traverse the crazy lands of Minecraft in different Hardcode Modes with Mods to make the experience more difficult and deadly!
  • Cyber-Chase: Cyber-Chase is a Live-Action Choose your own Story web Series. Shadow Lienx has corrupted parts of the internet known as the Cyber Realm, it is up to YOU to track him down in the Cyber Realm and defeat him at his own game. Solve riddles and choose sides as you work your way through the depths of the darkest web to defeat a foe whose intentions are to bring down the Lienx and the internet!

Who Am I?

My name is Chris and I'm a huge Nerd who just loves to tell stories, watch movies and read great books. I enjoy making content for others to enjoy and love to make people laugh! I don't have much free time but the free time I do have I spend working endlessly on projects that are dear to me such as some of the ones listed above. I hope to one day be able to work on these projects full time and that is my goal.

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