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About Ivana Chacón

My name is Ivana Chacón. I am 21 years old, I am a Personal Coach with Neurolinguistic Programming, entrepreneur and dreamer by nature with many aspirations to continue growing personally and professionally.

My great passion is to help many people to fulfill their dreams, and it is something that I have achieved at my young age thanks to personal growth and coaching.

I'm a creator of the whatsapp community called "Meets your Dreams" where I share relevant information every day focused on achieving your goals, book analysis, motivation, training, and many other things in order to contribute a grain of sand in the growth staff of all the members of my groups.

I also give training and face-to-face conferences in my city of residence (Táchira, Venezuela) and online through whatsapp (forochat).

On the other hand, I have a radio program with a team of young dreamers where we seek to provide our audience with knowledge and topics of interest, including personal growth. You can visit our facebook page to learn about our endeavor.

I am a collaborator of the Universal Charity Institute (ICU) and the Protective Association for Life (ASOPROVIDA). Together with these two teams we organize social days to help the most needy people of the Táchira state, specifically in the city of San Juan de Colón.

As you can read, I live my passion every day and I want to dedicate myself to inspire, motivate and help as many people as possible to fulfill their dreams.

How can you help me?

I am looking for sponsors to help me help.

My goal is: $ 1200USD monthly. With this money you could have more time to:

1. Dedicate myself to create training and valuable content for the members of my community.
2. Conduct more social days to help the needy.

A word that identifies me is: "GIVE". Therefore, the money you receive through Patreón will not be just for me. I will allocate 10% to organize activities focused on helping, motivating and entertaining the people that require it, both children and adults.

I hope you are encouraged to be part of this adventure! Let's start ...

$0 of $1,199 per month
When I reach $ 1200 per month, I will start my YouTube channel with free content.
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