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Probably you already know me and know what I am doing for MODX, if not, I am here to tell you a bit.

I with MODX for a long time, almost 10 years. I started as usual web-developer in an agency. Later I have worked in many different companies but I still keep love in hurt to MODX and continue work on improving things related to MODX.

During that long time, I wrote several extensions, made  modx.by with an idea to translate documentation into Russian (site will be updated soon), held several MODX meetups in Minsk and even one big conference — MODXpo 2017, most known and important MODX event.

I still continue working on MODX Core as developer and integrator, communicate with people in communities to help ideas soar in the air and make content to help to spread MODX in the world.

Here are some of the areas I work on:

The Core

My experience, accumulated during work in different companies and on different projects, including open source, allows me to bring this knowledge to MODX and apply it in problems solutions.

Also, thanks to the trust of the community, I have rights as an integrator and can move the MODX project forward. I love that I do because I see immediate results and see how solved issues help people who use MODX.

MODX Digest

MODX Digest #3 (March 25 – April 8, 2019)

At the start of March, I wrote the first episode of MODX Digest. After two weeks I published the second and with delay but was published the third episode. And of course, I am going to continue with fourth and others in the future.

This work takes time because after searching and collecting links they should be described and sorted, also need to make typography of the article, do translation and publish everywhere when I can.

Spending this time I know that I help to MODX and its users to be informed about what happenings. I hope you like digests too.

Podcast about MODX


At the same time with digest, I started recording a podcast about MODX. In Russian at the start, because I am not speaking in English fluently.

The goal of the podcast is to provide news in audio format as well, and, that more important, explain some topics about MODX that cannot be written without losing the main idea and emotions (I am not a professional writer, probably they can).

Audio gives some additional advantages in spreading MODX and its ideas to people. I can not promise, but I hope in the future, the podcast will be in English too.

Video lessons and tutorials

MODX Video Lessons

MODX really has a lack of quality video lessons and tutorial like other systems have. Making the first lessons I was inspired by laracasts.com and the main idea still the same — to provide short high-quality lessons at specific topics.

I have only six lessons, for now, and the reason is the unclear state of MODX 3. Making lessons for Revolution means that in future they become unactual, but at the same time future of MODX 3 totally unclear, nobody exactly knows what will be changed in the code besides skin of the manager.

At the same time, we have a lot of topics related to MODX, like Fred, like tools and extras and just common principles and development processes that can be covered in lessons, so I am going to make new episodes if it will be in demand. In English too.


I do something for MODX every day, it similar to lifestyle already and I just tried to summary my effort. I've prepared several tiers for supporters, including benefits for you and I hope working and collaborating together we can make MODX more famous and stronger.

If you like that I am doing, support me, please. Your support will motivate me and give me energy and awareness that all that I am doing not in vain and my work benefits someone.

Thank you in advance.
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