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About Ivy Tara Blair

Hello fans of audio near and far!  Here you find the nascent version of my patreon page :)  I am an audiobook narrator, who also does some informal and not-so-informal podcasts.  I love the process of story telling as an art form and as a technical one - so I would love to talk with you all about those things as well.  Over time, we'll figure out what this patreon will be all about.

Actually, that's, first and foremost, what I'd like to have appearing at the top of this description, come to think of it.  Y'all have an audiobook narrator who loves to talk, right here, at your disposal (with reason).  What would make this patreon fun for you?  What kinds of things would be attractive tiers?  Early releases of audiobook teasers?  A commentary track type recording of something I've put on tape?  An interactive zoom chat?  A behind the scenes tour of my audiobook operation?  Blog posts (I can write almost as fast as I can talk....)?

Let me know!  

Meanwhile:  At this time, I have three currently-happening projects, and one that's next-up! 

1.  I am currently recording and producing Satyros Phil Brucato's lush and gorgeous short story anthology Valhalla with a Twist of Lethe, read variously by myself, himself, and a couple other delightful souls (who I will link here...when I get that data!)  The book-made-of-paper and the audiobook-made-of-.mp3 will both come out right near the end of September.  Witness me!!! (she says, as she edits!)

2.  I have my ongoing informal podcast: Ivy Tara Blair, Unplugged (applegoogle) - in which I read scenes or sections from my favorite books and talk about how I read them, what they've meant to me over the years, ways I'd play with the recordings if I were the narrator etc.  Once this patreon gets off the ground, it would be great fun to take subscriber requests as well!

3)  A podcast which is actually the serial reading of the book, Faces of the Tsunami, by RADM Bill McDaniel, MD (applegoogle).  This is his story of heading up the medical relief mission of the USNS hospital ship Mercy, after the 2004/2005 disastrous tsunami and earthquakes in Indonesia.  The book is by turns heart warming, heart wrenching, funny, tragic, technical, reflective...and tells not only the story of the happenings, but also the way those things changed those involved, forever.

What's up next?  Well that would be Satyros Phil Brucato's book Red Shoes, coming out later in the fall, both paper and audio.  I won't say any more here except that  YOU WILL LOVE READING AND OR LISTENING TO THIS BOOK.  I know *I* sure am - I'm having to stomp firmly on my urge to read the whole thing rather than finishing editing & producing Valhalla :D


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