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Thank You! i love you so much
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I will make a video of approximately 30 seconds, thanking you with all my heart, I will say your name repeatedly, if you want I can say it in something bad English or in Spanish

You buy my pc! THANK YOU VERY MUCH...
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Hey friend, you bought my pc gamer, my goal has already been met by you, I guess you have a lot of money since you gave me a large sum.

You ask me anything and I will do it, literally ANYTHING, thank you very much goodbye.




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Hello, I introduce myself, I am a 14 year old boy, male gender, I live in a not-so-known city called Fernandez, in the province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina. I am of Argentine nationality, some years ago my biggest dream was to have a PC gamer, because I saw my favorite youtubers-streamers, who had those great PCs, the economy of my country does not help me much to say but I have a modest budget for my future pc gamer, I only need $ 700 American dollars, I know that it is not such a large sum of money for some people, but for a guy like me, who can't even work reminds me a lot. I suppose I could do what people ask of me, although in reality I don't have many talents to tell the truth, I wish the person who read all this a great day, and please help me to fulfill my mission, I regret my heart if it is poorly written but I do not know English and I am using google translation translatorism, I say goodbye, best regards bye.

$0 of $700 per month
When I ask for it, and I arrive at my house I will do a very special unboxing, I will explain the components very basically and I will prove it, I will mention the name of all those who contributed to my desired request and I will say goodbye. really reaching the goal would make me very euphoric, thank you very much.
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