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About I Want You To Watch This

Hey hey! Thanks for stopping by. If you're here you probably already know what we do, but here's little bit more about us and who we are. I Want You To Watch This started out of a desire to work creatively and collaboratively on something that would be a respite from the daily grind and doldrum of reality by escaping into the worlds of film. When we first began we were just three nerds with a love of movies and not much else (other than Cullen's encyclopedic knowledge of film history and trivia). Over the last two years (and just over 100 episodes) our knowledge and appreciation have grown along with our cred -- we've even got a bonafide film and animation professor hosting now! We started this whole thing recording on a cell phone, and now we're going to be hosting a panel at Denver Pop Culture Con!  We are a podcast that focuses on film, not only as standalone pieces of art, but as part of and influenced by the culture in which they're made. Between the three hosts, we represent a wide spectrum of backgrounds across the lines of gender, race, ethnicity and sexuality, and we allow and encourage each person's perspective on the films we watch to be thoughtfully, respectfully (and at times comedically) explored. 

Going forward we hope to grow even more and we hope that you can help. Securing guests on a more regular basis is a big goal for the podcast, attending cons, putting on live events, as well as creating even more high-quality content. Extras you can expect at various tiers of patronage include, super dope gif sets, bonus episodes on themes and tropes throughout film with viewing recommendations, comic book and novel reviews, television reviews, and more!