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About Izagar

This Patreon is  charge upfront. You will be charged immediately and again on the first of the month. (This is the ensure I get paid.) There are free posts to help you decide! Thank you!

As of July 1st, 2020, this Patron will comply with the new Sales Tax rules. Please figure in sales tax in with your pledges! :)

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Hello! My name Izagar and I am an artist. I work on a high fantasy comic called Naevorlis which is still in the progress of being developed. The tools I use are a Gaomon PD1560 and Clip Studio Paint. My computer specs are on the bottom of this page.

When I started Patreon, I wanted to be able to make more art for people to view, like, and be able to draw an emotional tie to the drawing. In order to do that, I need the help of my patrons to help provide the monetary means to make this a reality.

I personally want to make more art that I have more an attachment to, such as personal art, fan art such as Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem. I also want to work on my comic, Naevorlis, which has existed for ten years, going through several revisions. Any help my patrons can give would make all of this possible.

Each Patreon (dependent on the tier) will receive high resolution finished works with a watermark, plus a low resolution .psd/.clip file to see how I was able to create the artwork. Patrons will also gain access to both time lapses of the artwork, along with real-time video recordings (from Twitch VODs). And, if applicable, there will be comic updates where you will see comic pages before they are posted online. For more information, look at each reward tier.

Patrons will receive rewards on the tenth of the following month if there is a post on the last day of the current month saying rewards are coming soon. For example, if I post on August 31 that rewards are coming, so long as you become a Patreon in August, you will get your reward on September 10th.

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Computer Specs:

Cyberpower PC built PC
Intel 17-7700K Processor

Thanks to Unicorn Without Training Wheels for helping me with art critique and shop questions.

Fancy border designed by Freepik. Some edits made by myself.
11% complete
If we meet this goal, I will add back the Patreon prints, which I will probably make as bi-monthly or quarterly. We would also need to get 5 or more Patreons in the print tier or higher to justify ordering prints right now.
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