is creating funny videos / crack videos
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Hi, I'm Jaslyn

I'm an IZ*ONE editor on youtube known as IZONE CHANNEL I've always made videos just for fun and I call it CRACK VIDEOS of the kpop girl group IZ*ONE. However editing videos requires a lot of time. It sometimes take a whole week or more to finish it. Sometimes I'm busy because of studies and other stuffs but making videos is my priority so I'm always editing a video to upload it on my channel.I make patreon account because I was hoping you might be willing to support me a bit. So I can keep doing what I love and give you guys more content in future.So please!

Even $1 per month will make a difference and i'll be eternally grateful.
Thank you for taking a look at my page!
- Jaslyn ( IZONE CHANNEL video creator) <3