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About Jace Jacobs

Hi, I'm Jace from the YouTube channel Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry.

If you are coming here because you know me from YouTube then what's up my family!!!! Team Crinkle Crinkle. Team Watch Time. Team Let the adds run.
Let's keep having fun and getting it done.

If you are new to what I do then welcome. Please read below to get a better idea about me and what I have to offer. Please watch the video as well. 

✋🏼👊🏼😀❤️ --- http://bit.ly/JaceJacobsJarOfPoetry --- Please Subscribe

I write, perform, and share self-love empowering Happy Mindset Spoken Word Poetry. I post daily on social media to help cool souls raise their vibrational state so they can experience more confidence and clarity in their life.

I pull a random original poetry title out of a jar or my bandanna backup stash on video.  I then perform it spoken word style from memory like it's a nudge from the Universe.

I perform on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon as well as live on stage.

I write about self-love, nature, mindfulness, appreciation, starseeds, lightworkers, & Law of Attraction.

I love writing poetry
It’s the voices in my head
I listen to what they say
And I write down what they said

I love to greet the sunrise
And the sunset at night
The Moon showing up for me
Knowing when to shine it’s light

Who is Jace Jacobs?
I'm a happy mindset poet
Looking back on my past
I didn't always know it

I shed some layers
And started to see
The authentic version
I wanted to be

So now I embrace
Peace and love by my side
Appreciation with nothing to prove
Love with no need to hide


Why Happy Mindset Poetry?

There is no victim in the words.

There are no broken hearts. 

It’s about love and appreciation of the journey each of us is on.

The words are chosen to empower readers of all ages to embrace life upgrades through mindset rituals such as self-love, appreciation, mindfulness, and forgiveness.

The poems are meant to be read as if the reader wrote the empowering words themselves.

I write about mindset concepts and strategies that I have used to upgrade my life. I'm passionate about doing my part to provide useful content to those creators who are attracted to positive energy.

Three main concepts are covered throughout my poetry books.

1. Appreciate Everything
2. Love fully
3. Need Nothing

These three big ideas are my high-level recommendations for attracting happiness and harmony in your life.

When you appreciate everything, you are setting the tone for the day with your thoughts and feelings. You are raising your vibrational state. This will help you attract more of what you want and less of what you don’t want. Loving fully means you love yourself and all others. There is no room for hate.

By loving fully, you strengthen your self-love muscles and empower yourself to succeed. This enables you to appreciate all of the possibilities and see challenges (puzzles) as opportunities. Focus on what you love and love what you choose to see.

When you appreciate everything and love fully, you find you need nothing. You are free. You don’t need presents. You don’t need compliments. Those are welcomed benefits; however, they don’t define your happiness. Someone else like a family member/friend or something else like food/drugs are not responsible for your happiness. This means you own your happiness. You are at peace with who you are and what you will experience on your journey.

Excel at these three concepts and you’ll be on your way towards living a healthy and happy life.

I appreciate you checking out this page. Much appreciation, love, and light.

Namaste Knuckles,
Jace Jacobs
Happy Mindset Poet, Coach, and Creator @ jacejacobs.com

Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing
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Tapping on These Keys

I offer up Big smiles
While appreciating good times
Tapping on these iPhone keys
And creating new mindset rhymes

The goal is to raise your vibration
Each and every day
More confidence and clarity
Abundance along the way

This site is just a snapshot
Of cool stuff that I do
All is made possible
By pledges from you

So let's keep on having fun
Let's hang out a while
What you appreciate, appreciates
More poetry with a smile


When I reach $333 per month I will select 1 patron monthly and perform a special poem just for them. 

I appreciate you checking out this page. Much appreciation, love, and light.

Namaste Knuckles,
Jace Jacobs
Happy Mindset Poet, Coach, and Creator @ jacejacobs.com

Appreciate Everything ~ Love Fully ~ Need Nothing
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