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is creating Handcrafted menswear and accessories

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About Jack & Jeff Denim Co.

Our Story

Jack &Jeff Denim Co.
was established in 2009 in Atlanta, GA. The inspiration behind the name comes from the combination of my parents last names (Jackson/Jefferies) along with my love for denim. We are a handcrafted menswear and accessories company designed to fill the void and to bring a new face to fashion.

Our Mission
is to produce and provide handcrafted products of excellent quality, design, and functionality to the consumer. And to inform the consumer that a name on a label doesn’t make the clothes a success, but they do.

Our Motto
is “ Don’t Follow Trends, Make Them.”

Maker/Big Cheese

Hello there! My name is William and my obsession with the fashion industry started in 10th grade where I first learned screen printing and I began making t-shirts for family and friends. After high school, I embarked on a mission to gain further knowledge about the fashion industry attending Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts(AiYork) and the Art Institute of Philadelphia, graduating in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design. During college I secured internships at SeanJohn and Undr Crwn Footwear &Apparel, as well as doing some freelance work for Elusion Clothing.

For the past several years I, like most college graduates, have been working outside of the field I had obtained my degree for. So this campaign is for me to accomplish this very thing: OWNING AND DESIGNING MY OWN APPAREL BRAND! I AM ASKING YOU TO JOIN ME IN BRINGING JACK & JEFF DENIM CO TO LIFE!

Rewards/Our Goal/Your Contribution 

Our ultimate goal is to get enough donations to make this dream come to life. The donations that we receive will go towards supplies and tools such as a more high powered sewing machine(s), pattern making and grading supplies, as well as a continuous supply of fabrics, notions (zippers, buttons, etc). 

We want to turn Jack & Jeff Denim Co into a lifestyle brand that focuses on the quality and functionality of our products and not the quantity. We believe that slow fashion is better than fast fashion and with the quality that we want to achieve with out products, you won’t have to throw away your clothes by the end of the week or month. 

With your contribution, we will be able to cover our startup costs and production runs. Begin development on future products for our brand and also improve our website.

Risks & Challenges

There are many risks and challenges when starting/owning a business. Below are some risks and challenges that we particularly may face: 
  1. There are many apparel companies that flood the market; we are not the first and surely will not be the last. We are not here to tell you we have the best product on the market. We just provide the quality and function as it should be. 
  2. Jack & Jeff Denim Co is a "One Man Brand" : in a few short words, everything is manufactured by one person from concept to finished product. 
  3. Productivity of Production: Promptness of finishing and delivering of rewards, meaning that garments may have slight inconsistencies, which makes handcrafted all the more beautiful and can sometimes lead to deliveries being delayed. We believe that the experience we have gained over the years will be beneficial in working to stray as far from these risks/challenges and with the funds that are raised, we can move forward.

How This Works/Ways You Can Help

Our memberships are set up as "month to month" meaning your donation/payment will be processed at the 1st of every  month( i.e. You pledge on 1/5/2018, donation would be processed 2/1/2018). Rewards will be processed throughout the month. Once donation is processed, rewards will be then processed for shipment, so we ask that you be patient. Check out the ways you can help below and if you have any, feel free to email us [email protected]

  • Choose different level tiers through this Patreon campaign.
  • Hit that big button that says "become a patron" and select the amount you would like to pledge. 
  • invest in our campaign, even if you don't see anything that you may like, but know someone else who would. 
  • Share this campaign with family or friends on Facebook or Instagram.  
  • Sign up for our email/newsletter at www.jackandjeffdenimco.com
  • Follow us on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter

Future Plans for Growth

Jack & Jeff Denim Co. inspires to be more than just another brand that comes and goes, but to be the epitome of fashion. To etch our name into history and not to just be a fad. Our future plans for growth include:
Collection Expansion: Further growth of the brand to include more styles, sizes, accessories, footwear and lifestyle items.
Community Classes: Giving those in the community the opportunity to learn skills in sewing, screen printing, etc. 
Brand Conceptualization: Help others to get their own ideas out into the market, from sketching to final product. 
Commercial Patterns: Produce commercial menswear patterns for men/women and boys/girls that are aspiring to sew better clothing for men than what is being offered.
Print/Media: create a print/online men's fashion magazine. 
Brick and Mortar: Open a physical location to sell the brand and to also be able to hold the community classes the were spoken of earlier in this section.
Mobile Workshop: To have a mobile workshop/studio if a Brick and Mortar location is not in reach or for going to craft shows/fairs. 

$0 of $100 per month
When $100 per month is reached, we will be able to get pattern making and grading supplies, as well as a continuous supply of fabrics, notions (zippers, buttons, etc).
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