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About Visionary Chicken


I started getting into visual effects at the age of 14, I only wanted to have my own personal lightsaber after being a huge fan of Star Wars. Ever since, I have discovered and learnt many more techniques in VFX compositing and have even expanded my skills into 3D modelling and creating my own art work.


I am heavily excited that you've find my Patreon and are willing to help support me alongside other VFX patrons. As my patron, you could get access to slowed down footage and/or even clips of my tutorials that didn't make the cut. You could get mentioned in my next YouTube upload and I will even share my original projects files as an extra thank you for supporting my dream career! :D

You would also be invited to my exclusive Visionary Patrons Discord server in which you can be my companion and form a community to help Visionary Chicken grow! Share your own work and ideas and I may even feature them to the world for you! With your credit and permission of course! ;)

Most importantly, every penny of your donation can truly help me grow and become more confident enough to share what I've learnt and to help those that need that extra help! Thank you! :) 


Now I am only human and as much as I am dedicated to improve my skills along with helping you guys out, I can easily make mistakes. Sometimes I may not even notice until they are pointed out xD. So if there are any problems with your donation or anything I have created in general for you guys. Please contact me and I will be on to fix it as soon as possible. :)
Hopefully there wont be though :D


Again, I truly say thank you for those who wish to help me out and support me on this journey of 'imagining the impossible and making it a reality'.  You guys are the BEST! :D

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