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Thank you so much for your support.

  • You will receive access to my special Diagram and Tab library on my website playleadguitar.net. This features the diagrams I use on my Youtube videos to illustrate the ascending and descending structures of certain raags.
  • There are also useful diagrams for applying scales and modes to the fretboard. I have method of contextualising '7 note scales' as extensions of the pentatonic scale shapes. This creates a continuity that I've found very powerful in my own playing.

You will receive the password for this page via your welcome email. 
There will be new diagrams each month.
  • Access to Guitar Neck Diagram Library
  • Livestreams
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Thank you so much for your support. Here is a summary of what you will gain access to at this level.

  • Access to my special Diagram and Tab Library 
  • A monthly bonus video lesson. This will typically feature a new raag each month and cover the basic concept, structure and some phrasing techniques to begin exploring this raag on the fretboard. Some months we might return to the same raag and uncover a different way of applying it to the fretboard or learn some new phrasing concepts.

  • Livestreams
  • Access to Guitar Neck Diagram Library
  • Long form in-depth video lessons
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Now we are getting serious! This is for the real aspiring guitarist. 

  • All the of the previous benefits
  • Access to the 'Essential Techniques for Indian Guitar' course via my website. The whole (4-hour plus) course will be staggered over the first three months of patronage. Full access then remains for the whole duration of your support after that.
  • A  new mini course every month! Bonus raag composition and exercise videos with synchronized tab notation. Played at various speeds to aid practice. These are long form in-depth videos exploring a practice or performance concept in great detail. This will help you to understand exactly how to play the composition and exercise for the raag. The videos are synchronised with tab notation so you can follow very closely what is being covered at all times.
  • Access to votes on what content gets made next
  • Your name will appear in the credits st the end of each YouTube video I make to show my gratitude for your support.

The 'Essential Techniques for Indian Guitar' course is only available on my website and I will create an account for you to access it directly within 24hrs. It really gives you all the groundwork you need to approach this style most effectively and put everything in order. Once you have been through the course everything will really open up for you and it will become easier to learn more advanced things.

These bonus videos are only accessible by patrons and are very unique in terms of guitar teaching material. They will enable you to develop a repertoire of Indian Classical compositions and help you to develop the facilities to fully navigate around the instrument within a raag form.

The chat will allow patrons to get more insight when needed about how to play these pieces and clarify other details related to the material, that you may wish to explore further.
  • Livestreams
  • Chat community
  • Access to Guitar Neck Diagram Library
  • Name in credits
  • Exclusive voting power
  • Access to the 'Essential Techniques for Indian Guitar' course on my website.
  • Videos with synchronized tab - exercises, compositions.
  • Long form in-depth video lessons




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My main focus on the guitar is adapting Indian Classical Music and specifically sitar techniques to the instrument. By joining my patreon you can help me to direct all my energy into this exciting journey that is helping to create a new way to play the guitar and a new voice within Indian Classical Music.

Visit my website playleadguitar.net to see more. 

I put a lot of energy and thought into making teaching materials for this new style and making it accessible to other guitar players. There is a real lack of material out there for playing raags on guitar or learning compositions. This is something I have been addressing and I want to continue to create a whole volume of videos with synchronized notation to show very accurately how these Indian pieces and be played on the guitar very effectively and authentically.   

Your support can help me to fully sustain this endeavour and keep expanding the possibilities of what the guitar can do within this style.

I also have a through background in western theory and teaching concepts such as modes and diatonic-harmony. This helps me to relate this material to a western musician but also means I can give people a better idea of how the guitar fretboard works and the ways we can utilise it fully for playing raag scales across the instrument. So I will also make content about these music theory systems to help give a fuller picture to anyone who wants to learn the guitar by following my output as a teacher. 

Part of my work is in collaborating with Indian musicians as well for concerts or recordings. So I look forward to sharing the music that comes out of those projects as well.    
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When I reach 25 supporters I'll deliver a 3 part Livestream to layout the main skills you need to understand Indian Classical Music and apply it to the guitar.
This will be accessible to all Patrons to help everyone get their bearings so you can make the most of the lessons I post for Patrons. I will also answer questions to clear up anything people want to ask.

The livestream will be available for an extra week to make sure everyone has a chance to see it.  
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