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About The Jackmeister

Hello all, my name is Jack (the Jackmeister). For nearly a decade now, I have been incredibly fascinated by the history of the Mongol Empire of Chinggis Khan (Genghis Khan). In the thirteenth century, the Mongol Khan Temujin united the Mongol tribes and took the title of Chinggis Khan, going on to conquer effectively everything between Korea and Kiev, forming the largest contiguous land empire in history. Yet, this great empire is poorly understood in the popular mind, with many dismissing it a ruling over 'mostly nothing,' or that 'it didn't last very long, so why was it important?'

Since December 2016, I have taken it upon myself to correct these misconception, launching the Jackmeister: Mongol History on Youtube, detailing the origins and rise, the course and conquests, the decline, fall and legacy of the Mongol Empire, and all the peoples it impacted. 

Recently, I completed my undergraduate degree in History with Honours, which has given me skills in researching, approaching historiography and literature (not to mention access to journals and books) which I have applied in my work on the Mongols. I hope to make this area, and the advances in the historiography, much more accessible to a wider audience, spreading and cultivating further interest, and expanding that for those already fascinated in the subject. 

I am now in the process of trying to get into a Masters Program, with hopes of going on to do a PhD, focusing on this very subject. Due to the time required to research and make each of these videos, in addition to the duties of work, responsibilities and eventually the burden of a Master's thesis, your help through Patreon would be much appreciated. There are books and articles which contain much information I'd love to access, not to mention the general equipment and time costs, which would be greatly eased with your support, and hopefully allow me to expand and increase my productivity, covering more areas and spreading as much knowledge as possible.

It is the will of Eternal Blue Heaven. 

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