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About JackOLantern

Welcome to the JackOLantern official Patreon page! I am a shameless smut writer who primarily works out of sites like CHYOA and Archive Of Our Own (AO3). I've been publishing my writing on these sites for over three years now. If you've stumbled upon this page by happenstance I recommend you check out my stuff on CHYOA to give yourself an idea of what I can do.

If you decide to become my patron you have my sincerest thanks and gratitude. Ever since I was young I've wanted to be able to make a living writing what I love, and every dollar you're willing to spare is one more step toward making my dream come true.

My Writing:
I'm a very introspective writer, so I like to really focus on what my perspective characters are thinking about at any given moment. You'll find that my writing focuses on how the perspective character is feeling and exactly how they are reacting to any given situation.

Many of my stories feature some common threads in terms of theming. Most often these are seamless mind control, free-use, light BDSM relationships, harems, and/or just casual/purely recreational sexuality. But in addition to being an outlet for my sexual desires, my writing also often begins as interesting adult-themed thought experiments.

Most of my protagonists are male but I have been trying my hand at expanding those horizons a bit. I have a few stories with transgender, femboy, and/or futanari main characters. I even have one starring a lesbian woman.

Some Facts About Me:
  • I am bigender (I'm not picky about pronouns).
  • I will happily answer to the names Jack or Jacky.
  • I am bisexual, but with preference toward feminine appearances. I'm not into guys unless they are femboys.
  • I really like oral sex and foreplay in general. I also like some other more niche kinky stuff as I'm sure you'll discover.
  • I'm not into furry stuff, but furries are cool so they're always welcome.
  • I'm kind of an edgy weeb.
  • I play videogames very casually in my free time.

My Work Ethic:
I have a full-time job and I work on swing shift (4PM to 1AM). Until such time as I can make enough money on my own to negate the need for my job, it unfortunately has to take priority. In the meantime, however, I am committed to writing every single calendar day and I don't intend on breaking the chain. Assuming all goes well I can usually manage to upload 1-3 chapters to CHYOA a week (depending on the chapter length of course), and I always proof-read a chapter at least twice so I can catch obvious errors or rephrase certain things.

My Works:
I have many stories on CHYOA, but here are some of my most popular works or works I am most proud of:
  • HouseMate! - Far and away my most popular story. My main thread in this story is the Blake Carrol one. This story is about a phone app that lets the MC decide rules that other members of the household will always obey.
  • The Blood of Kings - A fantasy tale set in hell itself featuring a woman without any memories who works her way up demonic society to becoming its sole ruler.
  • Second Shot - A man with bad luck when it comes to the fairer sex gets thrown into a free-use version of his world that is almost entirely inhabited by women.
  • Senran Kagura: Altered Fates - A fan-fiction set in the Senran Kagura franchise starring a shinobi with a pair of reality-altering rings.
  • Accidental Overlord - One of my newer works. A knight at the end of his long journey manages to slay the Dark King, but because of an ancient curse becomes the new Dark King himself. Shenanigans ensue.
  • And many more! Feel free to visit the links below to see more of my works.

CHYOA User Page
AO3 User Page
And more links to come, still getting social media stuff ready.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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