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Hello friends,

Thanks for joining me here on Patreon. For those new to the site, it's helpful to think of Patreon as a voluntary subscription, or a direct way to support artists who make work that you love. As you know, I write, record, and release music (and videos) regularly. All of which is free for anyone to enjoy online (YouTube, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc).

Before the Coronavirus hit, all of my musical output was paid for by playing concerts. I performed 75-100 times each year, and the income funneled back into me having time to write, hire accompanists, recording engineers, travel/tour expenses, printing CDs, creating merch, groceries, etc. These concerts were usually humble events: low ticket prices, and small audiences. This meant that people who had not otherwise heard of me were willing to take a chance, and check out my show. This allowed my music to grow and reach new listeners organically, with almost zero advertising.

Now, we're in the era of COVID19. Touring and performing options are on hold. The income is gone, and with it, my grassroots mechanism for introducing people to my music. Not only that, but the expenses of recording and releasing music are still there. In order to continue evolving as an artist, I need to publish new music regularly, push my artistic boundaries, and share my songs with a bigger audience. Your participation on Patreon is crucial to making this happen.

I write music every week, and record demos and sketches that never see the light of day. Through Patreon, I'm going to share my behind-the-scenes music with you. This will be an exciting way to flesh out new material, bring you deeper into the process, and continue evolving my voice as an artist. I hope to gather enough monthly subscriptions to continue releasing free content for years to come, and to support my output and advertising while touring is off the table.

Thank you for listening. Let's make it happen.
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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