Jacob Anthony Escandon is creating Music

$1 /mo
Access to unfinished/discarded projects (by request) and my Patreon feed where I'll be able to communicate with you and take in critique to better myself as an artist.

$20 /mo
A personal thank you song and a digital copy of every album as long as you are my patron :3

$50 /mo
A personal thank you song, skype call thanks and a physical album!

$100 /mo
Personal thank you song/video, physical albums, Skype calls, I'll write you letters, send special updates to you personally.  Nothing I could do would thank you enough

$500 /mo
Everything before and anything you ask for within reason.  You truly are a gift to the world.

$1,500 /mo
I'll fly/drive to you and hug you. +all the other rewards, of course.