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At the end of each month, I will collect the incidental art I draw for "myself" during the course of the month into a PDF file and provide it for you to use as stock art. 




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About Jacob Blackmon

Hello fans and hopefully soon-to-be fans! I am Jacob E. Blackmon. Some may know me as "Prodigyduck." I am a prolific illustrator who delights in bringing to life my imagination through role-playing games and art. Whether it's sci-fi and fantasy monsters, heroes, or even a mundane aardvark, I love to draw it. I intend to keep illustrating for years to come.
Even if I am unsupported, I will continue to provide art and display it onto my deviantArt page, Facebook, and Tumblr. However, with the support of my fans (like YOU!), I can do so with less stress to my finances. Additionally, I will be able to create more content that is my own, rather than only drawing commissions from game companies.

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I would like to be able to draw comics and other art without having to rely on outside work.
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