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Small, but delicate. You’re incredible! Thank you.


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This is for companies who want me to do an ad. You don’t get anything in the mail, but I’ll promote your thing a few times a month. 




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About Jacob Earl

My name is Jacob Earl and I make stuff on the internet. As of now I’m making movies on youtube, a critically acclaimed podcast, and music that swells in the hearts of a generation

I wouldn’t normally ask the public for money but the amount of work I put into making neat little things up on the internet isn’t going to be sustainable now that I’m out of college unless it starts pumping out that internet cash. Which is like regular money, but bitcrushed. Beep Boop Bux.
This is the sound that would make:  

Being real here, ads creep me out. I never know where the money is coming from, or what my stuff is hawking. The advertisement model is how the internet seems to want to be run, but whenever I agree to have ads on something it steals a tiny piece of my soul. I only have so much soul left. I see Save the Croissants more as a public enterprise, making you cool internet stuff indefinitely, like a wellspring of publicly funded oddity. 

I hear you, you’re thinking to yourself (He can hear my thoughts?) and yes. I can. What I hear you thinking is “What do I get out of this?” You get to keep having the cool stuff I make, and the warm satisfaction of supporting a cool creator making good stuff. ALSO:

$1 a month (or more) you get a ton of old designs from the Save The Croissants Vault that never really turned into anything, excluive early viewership of my videos, and a lot of my music available to download! But mostly just my gratitude and the satisfaction of contributing to the greatest website on the internet, SaveTheCroissants.com 

$1000+ Hey, large internet hosting companies and mattress manufacturers, you seem to sponsor everyone else. Hit me up.

Places You Can see my stuff:
$2.81 of $50 per month
Honestly If I could make any money from this it would really help me sell this whole internet thing as a viable investment to my long-suffering parents.
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