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Jade Dragon investigates the re-imagining of ourselves and our world through handmade jewelry and clothing, as well as two-dimensional art. When we wear something, or commission an artist to create an avatar of ourselves, we are feeding back into a loop that is creating us. What others see of us and how and what we associate ourselves with is a process where we choose how to represent ourselves and what we like and dislike. By pursuing the best in handcrafted clothing, jewelry, and other representational art, Jade Dragon hopes to provide you, the reader, with the most enriching aesthetic environment in which to dwell and draw inspiration.

In this day and age, we are faced with a failing economic system which serves the needs of a few over the many. Jade Dragon follows a simple motto: "Do you think I should be paid for this?" What I produce through Jade Dragon is the result of my time, effort and life force. If what you think I make has value, please, support the maker (writer in this instance). I believe with changing economic technologies that we can now "vote" with our dollars, through systems like Patreon and Kickstarter, and that if we are to develop a healthy economy, we need to invest in the many individuals rather than in the few corporations. We should all take due pride in what we do and what we are capable of, and in this modern era reveal to the world what we can do, saying, "Do you think I should be paid for this?" And we, the voting public, will decide, whether the creator of a small journalistic enterprise on the beauty of human craftsmanship should be paid more or less than a Wall Street hedge fund manager.

Articles will be written twice a month to start with. Smaller news pieces will be released as non-Patron content, so Patrons will only be charged for 1000 or more word articles. Note, that the beauty of Patreon means all Jade Dragon's content is free; you simply choose whether you think it is worth supporting.
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At $75.00 an article, I will be posting an article regularly once a week. That's roughly the time I feel I can find new artists to cover, contact them, and write an article I feel gives due respect to the subject.
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