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Thank you for your support. You'll receive a monthly episode (~5,000 words) of Confessions of an Underworld Boater, my urban fantasy serial fiction written exclusively for my patrons!



About Jade Kerrion

If you're here, you may have already read and enjoyed my science fiction and fantasy novels available through Amazon and other e-book stores. Thank you for checking out my Patreon page. I know you're going to enjoy my new serial fiction adventure, featuring Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld.

What is serial fiction?

If novels are like movies, then serial fiction are television series, featuring many characters and interweaving plots set against broad themes and storylines that connect the episodes within a season, and flow even across seasons.

Why are you writing serial fiction?

Because I love it! It's fun to write and even more fun to read. Long before I started writing novels, I learned the fundamentals of fiction writing and the power of cliffhangers by writing serial fiction. I'm enjoying this opportunity to return to my roots and more importantly, consistently deliver top-notch content for my readers and fans. 

But why Patreon?

As authors, we're always trying to find ways to bring unforgettable characters and unexpected stories to our readers, in ways that provide the broadest reach possible while ensuring that we're creating enough of a living so that we can keep doing what we love. It's always a challenge juggling the demands of Amazon and all the other e-book vendors. Patreon, however, provides me with a way of directly reaching my readers and fans, and thanking them for their support with exclusive content.

Wait, did you say exclusive?

Yes! The pilot episode of Confessions of the Underworld Boater is available on all channels, but all subsequent episodes and seasons will only be available through Patreon. As of March 2019, there are 10 episodes in Season 1, and 4 episodes already written in Season 2. Yes, that's more than a year of content, with more episodes generated all the time!

When will I get to read all the episodes and seasons?

When you sign up as a patron, you will immediately receive a link to download Season 1: Episode 1 and Episode 2. These episodes are available as .mobi and .epub files that you can upload to your tablet or e-reader. Thereafter, for as long as you continue as a patron, you'll be charged $1.00 on the 1st of every month, and will receive, by the 10th of each month, an e-mail with the link to your next episode of Confessions of the Underworld Boater. (Note: It really helps if you "whitelist" my e-mail address by adding it to your contacts.) If you don't receive the monthly e-mail or have any issues with the download, just contact me directly at [email protected] with "PATREON" in the subject line.

Does this serial fiction mean you're going to be writing fewer novels?

No, it doesn't. The beauty of serial fiction is that it allows a great deal of value to be generated in short bursts of time, and it's easy to keep a wonderful story going while still working on my novels.

Thank you so much for joining me on this fantastic journey! 
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When I reach 1,000 patrons, I'll release a consolidated edition of Confessions of the Underground Boater (in .mobi and .epub) and an exclusive collection of computer / tablet wallpaper featuring characters from the story.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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