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I will buy a Root Beer of your choosing (subject to local availability), drink it on air, and give a detailed tasting and review of it.
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Musical selection package. I like to play a lot of Pandora while I stream, and admittedly my musical knowledge is fairly limited. Suggest to me a band or theme or something I can punch into Pandora and I'll listen to your radio station on Pandora while streaming.
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Naming rights. Want to make sure you die in the next Open X-Com stream? Maybe you'd like to die in Darkest Dungeon. With this pledge level you are entitled to a character named after you once per game. Within reason/possibility. No refunds if the roster fills up.




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About Jade Star

I stream too much. Way too much. More that I really ought to. Seriously. More hours than a full time job. Help feed my addiction by enabling me with a token monthly donation.

Also I need money for Root Beer.
$61 of $100 per month
Seriously, fuck this things scroll wheel dying. I need a new mouse.
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