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What is an Astrid, can I smoke it?

I'm Astrid, a freelance journalist talking about videogames, boardgames, and queer stuff. I'm also a sex worker, graphic artist, video producer, podcaster, and optimistic Twitter leftist.

This is my Patreon, which exist so that if you've enjoyed something I've written, said, filmed, designed, or tweeted and you want to help me out a little bit in continuing to do that, you can! Both by helping to finance the resources I’ll need to make all of the things that I do, and also enabling me to pay for food and rent.

What stuff does an Astrid do?

I do all sorts of stuff, so let me break it down for you into some manageable chunks. That way, if you’d like to help me out, you can get a better idea of whether you’d like to do that by becoming a Patron.

Transhammer Gendersickle

On the 7th of August 2017, I published the first piece of art for a project called Transhammer Gendersickle. Inspired by laborwave, a subgenre of a post-internet art movement called vaporwave, where instead of embodying an ironic nostalgia for 1990’s consumer and computer aesthetics, it applies that lens to Soviet-era Eastern European culture.

Basically, I take old propaganda posters from the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, etc. and redesign them using filters, text transformation, and layer editing into left-wing trans-centric pieces of artwork.

The Facebook page has a healthy following and even a licensing agreement with the Socialist Rifle Association, who distribute stickers of my post popular design, ‘Trans Workers, Take Up Your Rifles!’ which I receive a 10%-per-sale royalty payment for. All of the work is available to view for free on that Facebook page, as this is a passion project of mine. Some support through Patreon would give me more time to dedicate to that project, though, and help fund my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription as I use Photoshop to make these pieces.

YouTube and Streaming

Until recently, I worked at Rock Paper Shotgun for their YouTube channel, producing impressions, reviews, lists, let’s plays, and special feature videos about PC games. I still want to keep doing that myself. Not just PC games, though, there’s plenty of exciting stuff on the Switch and some other console exclusives that do or say things worth talking about, both on YouTube and on Twitch.

For YouTube, I’ll primarily be working on video essays both short and long, talking about not only videogames, but a few other things too. I’m passionate about music and curious about vinyl mixing, I’m fascinated by the collective queer experience and want to explore it academically, and I’m a LARPer too. There’s a lot to talk about.

For Twitch, I’ll be playing games in different and interesting ways. Once I’m able to finance it, I’ll be getting a HOTAS controller for in-character Elite: Dangerous streams. I also love modding my favourite games, so there’ll be plenty of chaotic mod configuration spotlights. That all takes a lot of equipment, though, not just that shiny HOTAS controller I want.

In the long-run I’ll need to upgrade my PC, get hold of some better-quality video equipment like cameras and lighting rigs, and all the audio stuff I’ll need for Fast Travel will come in handy too.

How much Does an Astrid need?

That’s up to you! If you enjoy my work and want to help me out but you can only really afford to give me $1, then that’s absolutely fine. If you can afford a little bit more, a dollar for each of those chunks of what I make that you enjoy would be nice too.

If you are going to donate, donate however much you’d feel comfortable giving me, and don’t feel any pressure to do so, you can still enjoy what I make. You can also make one-off donations through my Ko-Fi page, if you'd prefer.

Where can I find an Astrid?

You can find me all over the place! Here’s a handy list of all of those places.
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Once I've reached $250 per month, I can start saving up for better-quality equipment, my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription will be covered, and I'll be able to buy myself a kebab every now and then.
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