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The Key
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You will gain access to this patreon and be able to see polls and vote. You will be given discord access to The-Key channel. As well as a mention in my monthly art recap video.

You give a beggar a dollar on the street. He hands you a key in return. Before you can look back at him, he is gone. You feel a faint vibration coming from the key. You turn to walk, but as you turn the vibration grows. You realize the key is reacting to the direction it's facing. You decide to go the direction that makes it shake the most...

The Coded Notebook
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Everything above, plus …                          
You will be able to see sketches and progress pics of my works. As well as a superedit of all my unused roughs.

(These are exclusive sketches to patreon. Not the ones seen on other social media)

You've been led to an abandoned house with the front door ripped off. You notice a Notebook resting at the front steps. A Notebook that contains crude drawings. These drawings at times are difficult to make clear. There are odd scribblings of numbers and letters throughout the pages. Perhaps learning how to decode these messages will give you a better understanding of what these drawings mean, and what they lead too...
The Cipher Wheel
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Everything above, plus …                          

You will be given access to my Photoshop files. See each step and explore each stroke I made.

By using the Cipher Wheel to decrypt the messages spread throughout the book. It allows you to better understand the process and intent of what these strange sketches mean. But on the last page you decode the words. "So many choices. Where could another choice have taken me?" With a drawing of an eraser below it... and resting in the center of the eraser, is what appears to be a glowing gem...




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This is simply a place you can support me if you desire, donations are never required but are appreciated. Also if you want more BTS content you can donate to a tier that gets you the desired reward.
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I will create a website on a simple server to host my art.
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