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Official patrons help us bring informative and relevant content to the jailbreak community.

  • Listen to episodes early! We will be releasing episodes on our Patreon feed as early as five days before our regular release.
  • Get your comment featured! As long as it doesn't push our content into the explicit category we will read and respond to your comment on air in the next episode. 
  • Get a mention on the next episode after you become a patron and an acknowledgment on the show notes.
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Guest Contributor

Get involved with the team by chatting in the Discord server and provide some input on the direction of the show.

  • Access to our Discord server to chat with the JailCast team! 
  • Submit input on the direction of the show! When we've got questions, you'll be one of the few that can answer through polls, plus all previous rewards.
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Have more say than guest contributors and get recognition on every episode as well as being able to come on the show once a month.

  • Get recognized on the show! Have your name read off in a thank you at the end of every episode as well as listed on our site as a contributor. 
  • Be a guest on the show! Patrons of this level can be on the show once a month for a ten minute period to talk about what they love most about jailbreaking.
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About JailCast

JailCast is a podcast by jailbreakers for jailbreakers. It was born out of passion for the ability to customize your iPhone and the idea that getting together and chatting about about jailbreak stuff could help people. Reddit user /u/ImJami mentioned the idea in a post over a year ago and the idea took off from there. After a little while /u/jpasholk took it over while Jami wasn't jailbroken and he's run it since.

Since then the podcast has had many members come and go but the format has always been the same; bringing it's listeners a casual and unique take on jailbreak news and special guest shows. With guest episodes listeners are able to get an inside look of the development process and hear a bit about who the people are behind the revolutionary software they install to customize their iPhones and iPads.  

JailCast's primary goal is to help people learn more about their devices. Help them achieve this by becoming a patron today.

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This is just a really simple goal with the intention of testing the waters and seeing if Patreon is for us. The jailbreak community is an interesting mix of people from all walks of life and we'd like to see if JailCast could become a more serious part of it.

Five dollars isn't a lot of money but reaching this goal would serve as a great start for inspiring the team members to take that extra time to get episodes recorded and edited on time for our weekly listers. 
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