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  • Receive my appreciation for supporting my movement to keep "dance" in dance fitness so I can encourage many people of different background, abilities, and ages to keep moving to stay physically and mentally in good health.
  • Your good deed will allow me to continue to pay my instructors well and provide more opportunity for them to earn money for creating choreography. 




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About DanceVibes

Thank you for taking the time to see what I can offer. 

DanceVibes is a program I started on the Bay Area Peninsula to get people with and with out dance experience together in the same space. I know how music and movement can change people's lives but many are afraid to learn due to competitive environments and feeling intimidated. This program strives to bridge the gap between dance fitness which for many is so simplified and dance studios which are not the most inviting places. 

My goal is to build a program that will cover much of the area I live in. I started DanceVibes with 0 outside funds and am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. Prices in the San Francisco Bay Area keep skyrocketing and its a struggle being a creative person. Artists are being forced to move out of the Bay if the tech environment isn't for them.  I am determined to stay. Become a Patreon to DanceVibes and you will be doing your part to keep the San Francisco area vibrant with creativity!

I also want my program to support more dancers and choreographers giving them the opportunity to make a living from what they love doing rather than a disposable gym employee getting a low wage. I make sure to pay my instructors a fair pay for their hard work.  

We live stream our classes with a company which supports dance programs so they can continue to provide their services. 

If you enjoy my work and want to support my movement to keep the dance in fitness, to stay in the Bay Area and to inspire people of all ages and abilities to dance then become a DanceVibes Patron. Every $ counts.  

Your donation will allow me to continue to invest into my program and give me more time to be  creative while living in one of the most expensive places in the country. I don't want to give up and move out. Ever since I received my BA in Dance I was told it is a hard profession to make a living and to try something else but Im determined to beat the odds.

Your support is much appreciated!


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When I reach $600 a month I will begin to pay those who have continuously helped me build this program for the past 3 years rather than just give away free classes. 
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