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I've got a stack of sketchbooks and drawings spanning over TWO DECADES that I haven't shared with anyone. I'm sharing them with you.

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Whenever I come out with a new collection of drawings or comics you will get a fee PDF copy for your computer or iPad.

  • Early access to Art
  • Exclusive access
  • Sketchbook Archive walkthroughs
  • See you in the Credits
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  • Monthly Hangout
  • PSD Files
  • PDFs of New Books



About Jake Parker

Hi, I'm Jake Parker and I love to draw and share ideas. This love manifests itself in concept art, comic stories, and youtube videos. I feel an inescapable urge to create. Like tectonic plates pushing against each other, the creative pressure builds up inside of me and boom, a createquake happens.

I share these creations online for everyone to see, but for you I want to show you what's going on deep underground. There's a lot of creative activity that goes unseen.

Most people are content to have a finished product and are just thankful it exists.

BUT there's a select few who always wonder what's under the hood and try to figure out how the engine runs. These people pull back curtains, break things open, and stand behind the street magician. If you're reading this, that is probably you.

Your support here makes it possible for me to draw more things, tell more stories, and create more videos. Please consider joining me if you love the things I create.

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Every patron will receive a PDF copy of my latest Drawings book. 
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