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Thank you! You are supporting my work as a full time jazz pianist, piano teacher, composer and recording artist.

By becoming a patron you provide a measure of financial security when times are tough, and you allow me to keep creating piano improvisation and online tutorial videos, writing and recording my own compositions, and providing quality instruction to my private students without overloading my schedule.

You're also helping me give back to 3 organizations that are important to me: Black Lives Matter, Black Voters Matter, and the Stanford Jazz Workshop.

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About Jake Smolowe


My name is Jake Smolowe, and I'm a pianist, music teacher and composer from San Francisco, CA. I teach Zoom lessons 5-6 days/week, and when I'm not teaching I live stream, write music, record piano tutorials for YouTube, and look for ways to use music to give back to the community. $5 out of every $50 pledged on this page (rounded up) goes to each of the following three organizations:
I picked Black Lives Matter Global Network and Black Voters Matter because I would not be a musician without the enormous, groundbreaking work of Black jazz artists throughout history. Even though Black musicians created the jazz idiom and have continued to refine and expand it in countless ways, they suffered horrible discrimination from white patrons, club owners, lawmakers and especially police just for trying to play their music. It's time to end state sponsored racial discrimination and I believe these two organizations are two of the best-suited to achieve that goal.

Finally, I decided on the Stanford Jazz Workshop because for ten years they played a huge part in my musical upbringing and in instilling my love for jazz, and even when I stopped attending as a student they continued to support my career as a jazz educator. Now that in-person learning is not possible and they can't run their normal summer sessions, they need all the help they can get to keep their programs alive and adapt for distance learning.

Why Patreon?

  1. So I can make creating a bigger part of my life. My main job is teaching private lessons, but your support would help me continue devoting a portion of my time to recording and releasing my original compositions! I write for solo piano and larger jazz ensembles, and some electronic music too,
  2. So I can up my piano education game with tutorial videos. Having additional support from generous fans like you would also afford me the time and resources to devote myself to producing educational piano videos on a regular basis, so that I can spread the joy of learning music to more people around the world!
  3. So I can continue giving back to the communities that made my career possible. The more money pledged on this page, the more I will donate to the organizations listed above! 
What's the Jake Smolowe sound?

Mostly jazz, with a lot of other genres mixed in. Blues, gospel, funk, classical, rock, country, reggae, bossa nova, afro-cuban—it's all fair game! Above all, I try reach a certain core of emotional beauty in my playing. I want to create music that speaks to people's souls, and often that takes me to some unexpected places! One of my biggest inspirations is Brad Mehldau. To me his improvisations are mesmerizing; they draw you in and take you on a path that twists and turns, weaving different themes and grooves together in ways that constantly surprise and delight. My goal is to capture a similar feeling with my own performances. If you'd like to share in that musical journey, please consider supporting me as a Patron by clicking/tapping the Become a Patron button right here on this page!

Here's an assortment of my YouTube videos:

What is a Patreon page?

This page gives you the opportunity to support me on a monthly basis in both my creative and educational endeavors. I'lI be posting videos of myself improvising at the piano and performing my original compositions (both old and new). In addition, I'll be posting piano tutorials, writing thoughts on my sources of musical inspiration, and interacting with you via my Activity Feed. There are several Reward Tiers, from $1/month up to $20/month), so explore them all and pick the one you like the most! Any tier you choose will be greatly appreciated and will allow me to devote more time to composing and performing my own music.

If you change your mind, your budget changes or you can no longer continue as a Patron, you always have the option to change your Reward Tier or cancel your Patronage, whenever you like, with no penalties whatsoever.

What if I can't pledge right now?

I also plan to continue releasing videos on YouTube, on my website, and elsewhere, so if you like my music but can't become a Patron at this time, please consider subscribing to my YouTube page!
Thank you all so much for your support—it means the world to me that you are helping me live a creative life.

- Jake
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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