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I appreciate any contribution, no matter how big or how small. Even $1 can make a difference if enough people contribute. 
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Hi there! I am Jaliborc, the current developer of several major addons for World of Warcraft. I have been developing addons for over 10 years, something that I love and intend on keep doing.

With this campaign users now have the possibility to support development directly. With financial support I can dedicate more time towards the addons and therefore get more work done in shorter time.

What addons are you developing?
I am currently the developer of over 20 projects. Here is a short list of my most popular addons:

A complete replacement of the default inventory interface.


Provides text countdowns to any element of the interface.

An authentic pokedex for combat pets and tamers.

Automatically sells all the items the user does not need to merchants.

I tend to prioritize updating and improving these more popular addons over the minor ones.

Why Patreon?
Funding addon development has always been hard. Historically, the major investor and source of income for developers was the Curse author reward program. The company, which made the majority of its income from distributing World of Warcraft mods, distributed a small portion (officially 20%) of the profits of their Curse Premium service among the developers.

However, since the purchase of Curse by Twitch, this is no longer the case. Curse Premium is no more. The project pages have been moved and hidden on back-end development websites, not designed to be visited by users. Furthermore, Twitch has shown so little interest in supporting developers, that they don't even provide a donation button in their client for developers, like all addon distributors always did in the past.

What are the costs of addon development?
Besides being extremely time consuming, developing addons requires owning a reasonable gaming computer and an active World of Warcraft subscription. With the incoming advent of two different World of Warcraft builds - Retail and Classic, development will become even harder.

What's in it for me?
Currently there aren't planned many rewards for patrons. I created this page such that users can support development if they so wish.

However, if this campaign proves successful, I will create additional rewards. These would be out of game perks, such as benefits on a Discord server. But my addons and their features to always be available to everyone for free.
60% complete
I will create a discord server for the addons. Each tier would be granted roles accordingly in the server. I will also create a Jenkins only channel.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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