Joshua Allen is creating Wood and leather works

Chipping in

$1 /mo
A shoutout on Twitter! You rock!

You look thirsty

$5 /mo
That is tremendously helpful and will go a long way to keeping me supplied with water and essentials and even toward my rent! Thank you! I'll follow you on Twitter!

Lumber supply

$25 /mo
With this much I can get lumber and leather supplies to keep my creations coming. For that you get a Twitter follow and a 10% discount on anything I sell.


$50 /mo
This takes a BIG chunk out of my shop rental and for that I'll you get a Twitter follow (I'll even through in a few humorous comments). In addition, anything you buy will be at cost +10% on as you ...


$100 /mo
You're basically carrying me on your generous shoulders and I very much appreciate it! Let's chat on skype and see if I can make you something truly special at cost!