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About Jaltoid

Hiya! We're Jaltoid!

This is Dalton & Emi of Jaltoid! We're a couple (engaged too!) who work on making silly videos and other types of entertainment for YouTube (though we like to have our hand in other things too!) Though we were originally focused on creating animations, a lot of things had changed and we found ourselves drifting away from them, spreading out into other media forms like speed drawing, let's plays, and the like.

Though making this our career choice isn't ideal to most people, it is extremely important and special to us to be able to work together and entertain people the way we do! It may not prove to be the most fruitful in terms of income but we love it all the same!

What exactly do we do?

Well as mentioned before, we used to be solely focused on making animations. If you head on over to our 'main' channel here, you'll see a majority of the videos there are animations! They're about general internet & video game culture, though they're a bit old! On there you'll also find some speed drawings consisting of some commissions we'd done for people and also thumbnail art specifically made for our gaming channel! (We make original art for those, though we didn't always)

Speaking of, we also have 
a channel where we do let's plays and things similar! We've done both prerecorded let's plays and live streams. Though we've stopped streaming, we're hoping to bring it ack soon through not only gameplay but just some regular chatting too! 

We also create a lot of art together, which can not only be seen through the channel art & our social media, but through the speed drawings, and commissions we've done in the past. We plan to create a big collection of our art though and even some patreon exclusive art just for you guys! So we hope you'll look forward to it!

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